Meet the Interior Designers of The Black Goose Design

Decorating your dream home can be overwhelming, but not if you have the right people helping you. The interior designers at The Black Goose Design are experts in turning your home into an individual masterpiece. Whether you're plagued by lack of storage, a featureless room or poor traffic flow, our decorators will help you understand color, scale, light and space concepts that can be hard for even the most talented amateur.

Perhaps the toughest aspect of design is selecting from the multitude of choices available. Our designers know their sources well enough to pare down the options and offer seasoned advice to steer you through the process. At The Black Goose Design, our philosophy is to use our expertise and design skills to help you create a home that is uniquely yours. Meet our designers to help you in your future home decorating endeavors!

designer randi smith

designer ellie smart

interior designer heather russo